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dash pattern11.13.6 Graphics State
data structure8.1 Using Type Guards
daylight12.15 Time Functions
dcgettextGettext Interface
dcngettextGettext Interface
debugB.2 Command Language
debuggerD. Debugging
debugger commandsD. Debugging
debugger sessionD. Debugging
debugger, activation ofD. Debugging
decB.2 Command Language
declarations5. Declarations
declarations, consistency5.3 Cross-Checking of Declarations and Aliases
defB.2 Command Language
default case7.1 Equations
default declaration5.1 Declaration Syntax
deferred value9.1 Basic Concepts
delete11.7.3 Sets
delete11.7.5 Dictionaries
delimiters, special (lexical syntax)3.3 Operator Symbols
den11.12 Rational Numbers
destructor functionC.2 Writing a Module
dgettextGettext Interface
diagnostics11.14 Diagnostics and Error Messages
Dict11.7.5 Dictionaries
dict11.7.5 Dictionaries
dict.q11.7.5 Dictionaries
dictionaries11.7.5 Dictionaries
dictionaries, hashed11.7.6 Hashed Dictionaries
digit sequence3.4 Numbers
disambiguating rules7.6 Normal Forms and Reduction Strategy
div6.4.3 Arithmetic Operators
dngettextGettext Interface
do11.1 Standard Functions
document structuring conventions11.13.8 DSC and EPSF Comments
double quotes3.5 Strings
dowhile11.9 Conditionals and Comprehensions
dowith11.1 Standard Functions
dowith311.1 Standard Functions
drawing11.13.2 Overview of Graphics Operations
drop11.1 Standard Functions
dropwhile11.1 Standard Functions
DSC11.13.8 DSC and EPSF Comments
dup12.8 Low-Level I/O
dup212.8 Low-Level I/O

eager evaluation9. Special Forms
echoB.2 Command Language
editB.2 Command Language
emacsE. Running Scripts in Emacs
empty list6.1 Constants and Variables
empty stream6.1 Constants and Variables
empty tuple6.1 Constants and Variables
emptyarray11.7.1 Arrays
emptybag11.7.4 Bags
emptydict11.7.5 Dictionaries
emptyhdict11.7.6 Hashed Dictionaries
emptyheap11.7.2 Heaps
emptyset11.7.3 Sets
encapsulated PostScript11.13.8 DSC and EPSF Comments
enum8.3 Enumeration Types
enum10.1 Arithmetic Functions
enum11. The Standard Library
enum_from8.3 Enumeration Types
enum_from10.1 Arithmetic Functions
enumeration6.3 Lists, Streams and Tuples
enumeration8.3 Enumeration Types
enumeration type8.3 Enumeration Types
enumeration, of numbers11. The Standard Library
eoclip11.13.5 Clipping
eof10.5 I/O Functions
eofill11.13.4 Painting
EPSF11.13.8 DSC and EPSF Comments
eq11.1 Standard Functions
equality operator, at toplevel of equation7.1 Equations
equality, container data structures11.7 Standard Types
equality, lists11. The Standard Library
equality, streams11. The Standard Library
equality, streams11.8 Streams
equality, tuples11. The Standard Library
equation7.1 Equations
erasepage11.13.7 Miscellaneous Operations
errno12.11 System Information
ERRORB.2 Command Language
error11.14 Diagnostics and Error Messages
error conditions7.11 Error Handling
error message11.14 Diagnostics and Error Messages
error.q11.14 Diagnostics and Error Messages
errorchecking_mutex12.13.3 Mutexes
escape sequences3.5 Strings
evaluation stack7.9 Performing Reductions on a Stack
exception10.7 Exception Handling
exceptions10.7 Exception Handling
exec12.7 Process Control
exists10.5.2 File I/O
exit12.7 Process Control
exitstatus12.7 Process Control
exp10.2 Numeric Functions
exponential function10.2 Numeric Functions
expression6. Expressions
expression value7.6 Normal Forms and Reduction Strategy
extern5.1 Declaration Syntax
externC.2 Writing a Module
extern symbol5.1 Declaration Syntax
extern typeC.2 Writing a Module
external C functionC.2 Writing a Module
external ruleC.2 Writing a Module

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